Big news in camp WATU:

First, we’d like to announce the departure of our friend Matt Belanger. After a series of talks over the last few weeks, the band and Matt ultimately came upon a mutual decision to part ways. There are no hard feelings and we’re stoked for what the future has in store for him.

“‘I’ve never been a big fan of long goodbyes so I’ll make this as
succinct as I can: As of this week, I have decided that being in We
Are The Union isn’t the right path for me anymore. There’s been no
real drama to speak of. I’ve simply spent a lot of time recently
thinking about what I really want to be doing in life right now, and
I’m just not enjoying the band or my role in it like I used to.
Wouldn’t be fair to myself or my four friends in the band for me to
keep going through the motions.

There aren’t going to be any “last shows” for me or anything like that
- I personally feel like to make too big of a deal about this
distracts from the fact that WATU’s still very much an active band
with cool shit coming down the pipe. I’m stoked to see what they have
in store.

Thanks dudes, and to all the fans. We Are The Union gave me some of
the best experiences of my life and I’m not going to forget them
anytime soon. I’m not planning on retiring from music by any means -
hopefully I’ll still get a chance to see all of you around the
country/world sometime soon.

Thanks again

That being said, horns will always be a huge part of We Are The Union. By now you’re probably wondering who will be filling in on horn toots. We’re extremely excited to announce that our friend D-Ray from the band Fatter Than Albert as well as Dave Lackey of the defunct The Know How will be playing trombones for us on our “Ska Is Dead: Young Guns” tour in April!

We’re also equally stoked to announce we’ll be playing at least three awesome fests this year: Block Party 2011 in New Orleans, BLED Fest in Michigan, and The Fest 10 in Gainesville. You can check out our tour dates below:

Weds. April 13 – Indianpolis, IN – The Hoosier Dome (w/ The Forthrights, Green Room Rockers)

Thurs. April 14 – Cincinnati, OH - TBA Fri. April 15 – Nashville, TN – The Muse (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky)

Sat. April 16 – New Orleans, LA – Block Party 2011 (w/ Rx Bandits, A Billion Ernies, The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky and more)

Sun. April 17 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky)

Mon. April 18 – Columbia, SC – New Brooklyn Tavern (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky)

Tues. April 19 Norfolk, VA – Jewish Mother Backstage (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky, The Fad)

Wed. April 20 – Richmond, VA – The Canal Club (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky, The Fad)

Thurs. April 21 Philadelphia, PA – The Ox (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky, The Fad)

Fri. April 22 – Garden City, NY – Ethical Humanist Center (w/ The Forthrights, Stuck Lucky, The Fad)

Sat. April 23 (1pm) – Boston, MA – Middle East (w/ The Forthrights, Brunt Of It, The Fad)

Sat. April 23 (6pm) – Hamden, CT – The Space (w/ The Forthrights, Brunt Of It, The Fad)

Tues. April 26 – Bethpage, NY – Mr. Beery’s (w/ The Forthrights, Brunt Of It, The Fad)

Weds. April 27 – Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes (w/ The Forthrights, Brunt Of It, The Fad)

Thurs. April 28 – Syracuse, NY – Funk N’ Waffles (w/ The Forthrights, Brunt Of It)

Fri. April 29 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class Lounge (w/ The Forthrights)

Sat. April 30 – Lansing, MI – Mac’s Bar (w/ The Forthrights, The Riot Before, Green Room Rockers)

Sun. May 1 – Chicago, IL – TBA (w/ The Forthrights, Green Room Rockers)

Sat. May 21 - Toledo, OH - Frankie’s (w/ The Flatliners)

Sat. May 28th — Howell, MI BLED Fest 2011 (Every Time I Die, Such Gold, I Am The Avalanche and more)

Fri-Sun October 28-30 - Gainesville, FL The Fest 10 (Hot Water Music, Against Me!, Lifetime, The Bouncing Souls,and so fucking many more!)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for news, every hour, ten to the hour on MTV Ne—, I mean WATU News.